Greetings and glad tidings in the Lord,

It always amazes me when I hear so many people claim that they are Christians or Believers and such. If it were true that all of us that proclaim the name that is above every other name, were so numerous, why is it that we walk around the world as though we belonged to it as opposed to belonging to God. There are numerous scriptural references in the Bible that would indicate and clearly prove that we are only true Christians and true believers if we hear and obey the Word of God. Not just the things that are easy and comfortable to follow, but even those things that challenge worldly or modern philosophies which depend on man and not God. There are many that will say that you cannot be expected to obey everything that God says. To them I would say, do you as a parent or as a person in a position of authority over others, expect complete and utter obedience to your directives. Or do you just give directives just for the sake of it? How many times in the Bible does Jesus, who we all profess to live for, disobey or not follow a directive or command of God? We cannot expect to be just hearers of God’s Word and not do what we hear and still reap the righteous rewards and promises from above. Imagine where we might be if Jesus only heard God’s commands but never acted on them. We are supposed to be imitators of Christ in all ways and those ways are clearly documented in the Bible so there is no excuse. Some may ask, are we supposed to be perfect like Christ? No, in your flesh you can never be perfect but through God’s Word and the guidance of the promised Holy Spirit, you will be made into a perfect likeness of that name you proclaim. Now, is this an easy thing? No, but our mindset should be that we are willing to sacrifice all that we are and have to gain all that our Father has promised. The meaning of the suffix- ian, that you find at the end of many words i.e. Christian, Vegetarian, Corinthian, Philippian etc. translate into being “of or from something or some place”. That being a fact, how is that so many people lay claim to the name of Jesus but refuse to obey and sacrifice as he did? Lets clear up this confusion and blatant mockery so that we who truly believe (obey God’s commands through the power of the promised Holy Spirit) can stand together with the full measure of Him who called us. After all, even the devil believes that God exists, but he chose not to obey him. Many of us, who confess God with our mouths, fail to obey His commands that manifest the fruits of faith.

May these God inspired words move you into a state of action that matches your confession.

Grace and peace be yours.