It is high time for the Christian Body to judge itself (1Peter 4:17).

It is no secret or surprise that there are many deceivers and false teachers of the Gospel of Christ – the Bible gives many appeals and warnings imploring us to be cautious of such things (2Peter 2:1-2). What is surprising or I should say, disappointing, is the fact that so-called Christians allow themselves to be misled and accept watered down, deluded theologies, that are blatantly out of line and adverse to the Truth (2Peter 3:17-18). It is painful to witness vulnerable brethren being hoodwinked and bamboozled by these opportunistic, religious pied pipers, who set themselves up in man-made temples and proclaim to be gods (Matthew 24:11-13). Slaves to every kind of evil, they offer freedom when they themselves are indebted to sin (2Peter2: 18-19). Having a form of Godliness but denying the power and fruit of the spirit (2Timoty 3:5).

I can see how someone who is new to the Christian experience could be misled and betrayed by religiosity and the perversion of the Gospel. It is for them that we must pray that the spirit of revelation removes the “church colored glasses” from the eyes of the blind so that they might grow in the wisdom of the truth. What I can’t understand is how or why all of these “sanctified, holy and saved” Christians (who claim to know the truth), not only put up with the false teachings of the Gospel, but they recruit and pressure others to join in on the flood of dissipation that they have committed to (1Peter 4:4-5).

What happened to the man of God judging all things and being judged by none? What happened to you shall know them by their fruit (Matthew 7:15-23)? What happened to judgment beginning with the house of God (us believers) (1Peter 4:17)? What happened to the spirit of discernment, that all who walk according to the spirit of God are guided and directed by (Philippians 1:9-11)?

I know that someone right now is saying that we are not supposed to judge anyone, for it is God who will judge. That sounds good and very convenient  – You ignore my transgressions and I will ignore your transgressions and we just go along as one big dysfunctional family representing God Almighty and His Son; who by the way died for our transgressions. I am not suggesting that we as the Body of Christ run around pointing the crooked finger of self-righteousness.  On the contrary, I am suggesting that we hold one another accountable to the Gospel of Truth and the salvation that exists through His righteousness.

It is God’s sovereign duty and right to judge all men according to the deeds done in the flesh (sin= anything not done by faith, Romans 14:23). It is our responsibility, as children of God, to live by the spirit, and that spirit judges all things (1Corinthians 2:14-15). That spirit helps us to resist the sinful desires of our flesh so that we don’t make the all too familiar mistake of eating the forbidden fruit of sin and lose our salvation.

The Bible says that he who knows what is right and does not do it sins. Imagine on the Day of Judgment as you stand before God and He asks you why you failed to obey His commands; and you respond with; “it was Pastor so and so’ s fault, or it was the teachings of my ‘church’ or the Pope who failed me”. (Matthew 7:22-23).

Good luck with that!

The reality of the situation will be that you were not “misled”, but you “misfollowed”.

(Luke 21:8)