I finally get the meaning of what Christmas should be;

The gift of grace from God above that brings eternity.

No Santa Claus, no flying deer, no idol Christmas tree.

The hope that leads us through the dark, the grace that lets us see.

He walked by faith, He died for sin, his blood has set us free.

A humble birth, a rugged cross, yet humble as can be.

The thanks we give comes from a store, beneath a dying tree?

Somehow I think we’ve missed the point of this so-called Holiday.

God gave His Son; the gift of life, and “Merry Christmas” is what we say?

The gift He gave was paid in blood and for that there is no price.

The life we have should be for Him, a worthy sacrifice.

The birth of hope for all mankind, if only we believed.

No greater gift is known to man than Jesus Christ received.

-Minister Rodney