Lately, I have been inundated with requests by local ministries and spiritual colleagues to band together in response to the recent Trayvon Martin verdict. First of all, I want to express my deepest sympathies and heartfelt sorrow to all that have been affected by this unfortunate chain of events that led to the untimely loss of a young life. I say chain of events because there are so many different links in this chain that if one action or reaction were changed, the entire situation might have been averted. That being said; the court of public opinion has spoken loudly, and it has determined that justice and vindication need to be taken by the reigns, despite the results of the legal process that was followed. This “cause” has particularly been adopted by Black religious activist and those who claim to stand for “justice” in the United States.  This terrible and seemingly unnecessary tragedy has become a Black vs. White matter. And what is more disturbing and offensive is that the “Church” and, apparently God Himself, have opted to stand on the Black side of the matter. Again, please don’t think that I am making light of the loss of Trayvon’s, or any young life; what I am trying to understand is how can it be in God’s plan for the Christian Body to be divided and in turmoil by the acts of those who live for the World. How are we glorifying and honoring our Father by pointing the crooked finger of self-righteousness at one another? Now some may ask: are we not supposed to care about and love all men? And to that I say; “yes indeed”.  We are called to be fishers of souls and to hold out the hope that is in Christ Jesus. We are called to be lights that reflect the glory of the Father who offers salvation to all that love Him. It is by our love for Christ Jesus and one another that we draw men to seek God and be saved from the World. These things are all elementary truths of God’s Word, yet I have been labeled disloyal and selfish because I refuse to support the condemnation of a race because it has been deemed the cause of the month by such “pillars of faith” like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. These false prophets and self titled champions of justice who seek attention, praise and profit have managed to hoodwink the unstable and lead the weak into dismay. Nonetheless,   It still hurts when your love and commitment is questioned by those of whom you identify with, and consider to be brethren. In my soul I know that God would not have me be a party to spreading division and strife within His family of Believers. We have been called from amongst the gentiles and grafted into the inheritance that was once reserved only for those of Jewish decent. We were once not a people of God and far away from His presence and glory. It is only by His grace and mercy that we have been saved from the coming wrath and brought near to Him through our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, who broke down the dividing walls of hostility that separated us from God. How is it then that those who claim the Blood of Christ have decided to rebuild the walls of hostility between the races and judge nations? Have we forgotten that we are soldiers in the army of the Lord? Have we forgotten that soldiers need not get caught up in civilian affairs, but they follow their orders until they accomplish their mission?  Have we forgotten that we are aliens and strangers in this dark world? Have we forgotten that the whole World is under the sway of the evil one and that justice is reserved for those of us who live for God? Scripture is consistent in reminding us that we will be persecuted and will face many trials because of our faith and that we must stand as one in Christ, rooted in faith. We constantly hear the World speaking about race relations and the desire to get past our differences. The fact is that the World is destined to troubles and differences because they walk around in darkness and their leaders have been blinded by their own dark desires and lusts. We, on the other hand, walk and live in the light of hope and see one another as a reflection of God’s glory through His Son, so we should no longer be divided by the Black and White matters of this World, but we should be united by the true light of Jesus Christ.

Minister Rodney