The Roast Beef Story

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A newlywed couple was beginning their first Sunday meal preparation. The young bride began preparing a wonderful piece of roast beef, while the groom was preparing the side dishes. As they were working, the man noticed that his wife sliced off both ends of the roast, threw them in the trash, and then proceeded to roll it in spiced flour. Curiously, he asked, “Why did you do that?” “Do what?”, she asked. “Slice the ends off the roast,” he responded, “Does that make it juicier, more tender or something?” The wife paused and then replied “Well, I don’t really know why. Mom always does that when she cooks a roast.” So both of them became curious and decided to call the wife’s mother, and were surprised to hear that she also didn’t know why she cut the ends off of the roast beef either. Then her mom recalled that her mom always cut off the ends of her roast beef before she cooked it. So, of course the young couple had to call the wife’s grandmother to inquire  as to why she cut off the ends of the roast beef before cooking it. They called the Grandmother and with great anticipation they asked her “why do you cut the ends off the roast of beef before cooking it?” They immediately heard a hearty and uncontrolled laugh on the other end of the phone. Finally, when the Grandmother regained her composure, she exclaimed, “I cannot believe you guys are doing that! The only reason I used to cut off the ends of my roast beef, before cooking it, was because your Grandfather and I had only one roasting pan and it was too small to hold a full piece of roast beef.”

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The bottom line is this; the only way that we can be sure if we are serving God appropriately, is to know Him personally. Not through secondhand sources like church, family, a priest, a Pope, not even me- Minister Rodney. We must test our own actions and be accountable to God through the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. Just like in The Roast Beef Story, the young woman was innocently misled/deceived to believe that the tradition, or ritual that she was following was somehow beneficial. It was only because her husband asked the question “why”, that they were able to find truth. Remember in Matthew 18:3, Jesus said that anyone that comes to Him must come as a child, not referring to age, but referring to our innocence, curiosity and lack of worldly influence. Fortunately for this young couple, blindly following this roast-beef ritual only cost them a little time and money. For a Christian, blindly following traditions and rituals could cost us our Salvation and that will not be a laughing matter!

-Minister Rodney

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