Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the faith. As many of you know, we here at The Way Christian Discipleship take very serious the call of being administrators of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That being said, we understand that not everyone is open to the sometimes hard to swallow truths are brought to light in God’s Word.  Nonetheless, it is not an option for us to withhold or dilute the power of the Gospel and the hope that it brings.   It is by God’s Word, only, that man can be saved from the fatal condition of sin.  If I were a Doctor and I withheld or diluted the cure for your illness or affliction you would call me a quack or incompetent.  Shouldn’t you have the very same expectations, if not higher, of those who have been called to administer the Gospel of hope?

As always, we challenge you to put what we preach to the test.  Ask questions, read your Bible, and then you will be able to discern what is true and worthy of your spiritual attention.

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Your Brother in chains to the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Minister Rodney