It is a fact that most people that claim to be Christians are really more religious than they are Christians. What I mean is that most people measure their Christianity by their commitment level to religion, or church and attendance. Those that are most involved and active in their church (a building) consider themselves to be more faithful than others. The truth is that those that are more engaged and involved in the church (a building) are indeed more faithful… to their church (a building). The sad part is that this faith that they have does not put them in a more favorable, or holier state in God’s eyes. Scripture states that the righteous shall live by faith in God; not in a building or in a man that has been anointed to direct or shepherd men to God. Living by faith means that you live according to God’s commands with the help of the Holy Spirit, which guides and protects us as we walk out our faith. Religion consists of rules of attendance, ritualistic ceremonies, and traditional routines which do nothing to bring about God’s righteousness. Scripture confirms this fact when it says that if man could have been justified by works of the law, then Christ died for nothing. A Christian is one that lives according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the standard by which our faith is measured, not church, or men that dwell in a church (a building made by human hands to serve humans). If we agree indeed that Christ Jesus is the standard of our faith, and that none of us is perfect then how does it make sense for us to spend countless hours being faithful to a building when we have so much work to do to measure up to Him that we claim to follow? Jesus did not come down from Heaven and die on a cross to lead us to church (a building). He came that we might be saved by grace and follow Him to the place that is the goal of our Christian faith… HEAVEN
OK, now you can go ahead and unlike our page, but remember this; you cannot un-know the truth once you have heard it!

Minister Rodney