One of the biggest challenges that Christians face is not the constant threat of being attacked by the enemy. No, the biggest threat to Christianity is the unwillingness or inability for Christians to accept the Word of Truth and the responsibilities that come with being a Christian. The Word of God is a lamp for our feet and a light on our path to Heaven, so far be it for us to withhold such a blessed resource from one another. We are supposed to be children of the light, so why is it that so many of us are so uncomfortable in the light? Case and point; I know that some of you have set your Automatic Christian Defense System on high alert as you skeptically read this blog. Imagine the nerve of anyone suggesting that we might not be all that we can be in regard to our faith. How dare somebody take a judgmental position in regard to our faith? Who does this Minister Rodney think that he is? Never mind the fact that scripture clearly states that judgment begins with the house of the Lord (1 Peter 4:17) and that the spiritual man judges all things yet he is to be judged by none (1 Corinthians 2:15). As a Minister and servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I find that every conversation I engage in always leads to the Word of God. I love to speak of God’s glory and share His wisdom with those that claim to be faithful and like-minded. This is where I get frustrated; “Christians” never want to talk about the Word of God. They will talk about their church, their pastor, their choir, politics, sports, etc; but when it comes down to talking about God’s Word, they avoid it like the plague. They will give you a few catchy clichĂ© verses that sound righteous and Holy, but that is where it ends. They avoid speaking of deep spiritual things that are compelled by the Holy Spirit. They’d rather keep things light and noncontroversial so that no one is offended or challenged. Here lies the problem; how can we have true fellowship and encourage one another if we deny the spirit and miss the opportunities to share our faith and testimony? It seems that the very Word of God, which was intended to bring unity and peace has become a capstone that divides and ultimately causes many to fall away from grace (1 Peter 2). Scripture does say that the Word of God is sharper than a double edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires (Hebrews 4:12). God has revealed to me that men choose not to discuss His Word in-depth because they want to avoid the conviction that the light of God’s Word evokes in their disobedience. It is far easier for men to plead ignorance than it is for them to acknowledge that they are not nearly as righteous as they would have most believe. After all, self-righteousness is more comfortable and less demanding. They compare themselves with themselves and look down upon anyone who fails to measure up to their self-imposed standards. These standards are based on frivolous things like what “church” they are loyal to, what role do they have in their “church”, how long have they been “saved”, how big their “church” is, what denomination they claim, etc. All of these standards of self-righteousness supposedly confirm or validate their faith in Christ Jesus, yet they fail to see the importance of knowing and obeying His commands. In John 15:14 Jesus says “You are my friends if you do what I command”. It is fair to say that if you refuse to even speak about God’s Words, let alone obey them, you are not a friend of His. John 3:20 says: Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. So the next time you want to expose a wolf in sheep’s clothing just engage them in some SWord play and watch them run.